Reasons Why You Should Use K-LINE

Speed, Ease and Confidence: The K-LINE Experience

K-line Mobile Mechanics are offering the traditional view of car service and repairs. Our customers love how fast and easy the service is, how informed and in control they remain, and how professional our operators are. So, why should YOU switch to K-line Mobile Mechanics?

• 1. Convenience – “You just don’t get it”

“We Come to you”; that part is obvious. But what isn’t , is how much easier, how much less hassle there is in actually having someone come to you to service or repair your car.

Customers often remark that they just didn’t “get it” – until they had a K-LINE technician come to them. They didn’t appreciate how much stress it relieves, how much time it frees up by having the serviceman come to them – at home or work.

• 2. I need my vehicle – ASAP!

K-line Mobile Mechanics normally arrange for repairs to be done either the same day as your booking, or the next business day. We are on the road, doing repairs all day from Monday to Saturday.

• 3. Capability

K-line Mobile Mechanics employ technicians from wide and varied backgrounds. They are sourced from dealerships, specialist repairers, general repairers.

K-LINE technicians have the depth of knowledge and experience that allows us to send the right person for the job. And by having the latest equipment available, K-line Mobile Mechanics are able to service and work on all major car makes and models.

And remember all K-line Mobile Mechanics work is covered by our 12 month /20,000 km Warranty and our friendly customer service staff want to resolve any problems quickly and painlessly for you.

• 4. You’re in Control

Stay in control of your costs. K-line Mobile Mechanics offers fixed price car servicing for both new cars and for cars no longer under warranty and we carry out services on all makes and models.

For car repairs, we always provide a written estimate before we start any work. And by prioritising our estimates you know what is more important and needs doing first.

This keeps you in control of all costs when you use K-line Mobile Mechanics.

• 5. Communication

Know what is going on at all times.

The advantage of having your own technician there with you is that we can explain what we find – there and then, on your car. You can see what we show you.