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You never know what’s around the corner and when you might need to stop quickly and safely. It’s essential to have your braking system checked regularly by professionals.
If you are unsure about the condition of your brakes, our expert technicians will check your braking system to identify any issues and help you stay safe.
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Our brake specialists are trained, committed to maintaining your brakes in an expert and cost-effective. All of our Brake Parts come with a Guarantee.

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Why is brake fluid important?

Brake fluid plays a crucial role in your braking system as it transfers the force created when a driver presses the brake pedal directly onto the wheel hub.

Heat generated under braking, especially under heavier braking or prolonged braking, may affect the brake fluid which can only work if it is liquid and not so hot that it has become vapour.
The boiling point that your brake fluid can achieve is critical to efficient braking as temperatures above the boiling point form vapour bubbles in the system, potentially resulting in brake failure.

In addition, the brake fluid serves as a lubricant of all movable parts and prevents corrosion. It has to be compatible with rubber seals and hoses thus allowing braking systems to achieve long service and optimal performance.