Timing Belt & Timing Kit

K-Line, the Mobile Mechanics replace Timing Belts, Timing Belt Kits, idler pulleys and tensioners. Timing Belts should be replaced at intervals recommended by the manufacturer.

This is in most cases is anywhere from 60,000km to 120,000km depending on the Make and Model of your vehicle. Please check your log book.

The Timing Belt is a crucial part of the engine and if it is not replaced and fails it could result in major engine damage. When the belt breaks, in half the cases, the pistons continue to move whilst the valves have stopped and then … damage.
Valves bend as they hit the pistons. This will then require a full head service and valve replacement on the vehicle costing a bundle of money!

We use only quality parts on your vehicle. We can replace any damaged or worn parts on site at your convenience. All work comes with a 12 Month/20,000km Warranty.

You can book this online now or ask for a quote via email or phone: 03 9794 0377